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  The Home Army Museum
The Home Army Museum
ul. Wita Stwosza 12, 31-511 Kraków
phone: +48 12 410 07 70
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The Home Army Museum in Cracow named after general Emil Fieldorf - Nil is the only such institution in Poland promoting knowledge about the Polish Underground Movement and its armed forces. It was established in 2000 as a local self-government unit to popularize the culture of Cracow and Malopolska Region. The formal establishment of the Home Army Museum was preceded by a ten-year effort of collecting the historical items of the Home Army Veterans.
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The failed September campaign in 1939 and the division of Poland into two occupied zones, German and Soviet, did not break the will of the Polish people to continue its fight for freedom. In Warsaw, before the surrender, a secret military organization was set up with the approval of the Supreme Commander, who was already in Romania. General Michael Karaszewicz-Tokarzewski took command and gave it the name Służba Zwycięstwu Polski (Service for Polands Victory), or SZP. In addition, both in Warsaw and in other places in the country, many other secret groups sprang up. Some were organized by army officers, who had avoided being taken prisoner, others were initiated by groups from political parties or by groups of friends.
Emil Fieldorf - Nil Kazimierz Kołaczkowski Bolesław Nieczuja - Ostrowski Witold Pilecki Stanisław Wcisło Maria Wittek Bohdan Zieliński
              The Home Army Museum dedicated Gen. Emil Fieldorf - Nil